Gene Skellig presents us with a terrible possible future...

War With China is coming.... While the two Winter Kill novels are fiction, they are steeped in real-world military technical data, economic and geopolitical trends. Imagine if you were an astute observer of events of Europe in the 1920s, and had access to the internet of today. What sort of a picture would be emerging of Germany's rise in economic power, boldness, and an expeditionary mindset? Would you be surprised to see the level of self-deception, appeasement and complicity that then occurred from the great powers of the day? "Germany will never go to war with us, they have too much to gain from trading with us..." Are we seeing the same pattern with China today? Well, in the two Winter Kill novels, Gene Skellig presents us with the repugnant reality of a global nuclear war orchestrated by China. In the Original, Winter Kill - War With China Has Already Begun, Skellig's focus is on the geopolitical, philosophical, economic and strategic story of how and why the war is brought about, and explores how it affects one particular group of survivors in North America. In the parallel sequel - same time and plot but with a narrow focus - Skellig tells the story of Winter Kill - China Invades Australia, which highlights the impact that individual people have on the conduct of the battle for Australia, and the crucial role played by Marine Air Ground Task Force Australia (MAGTFA), a real-world USMC Task Force from the 3rd Marine Division. The contribution from the Indian Army and the determined efforts of the out-matched Australian forces will draw you in to a very special place that is destined to become one of the most important battle-areas in the war with China.

For best results, the author recommends that you:
1. Start by reading Winter Kill - War With China Has Already Begun, followed by Winter Kill 2 -China Invades Australia; and
2. Open your internet map and search engines to explore facets of the story, the terrain, and the orders of battle of the units involved, particularly in the Australian battlefield. Imagine if you were caught up in the battle to liberate Australia from the People's Liberation Army, and had your internet resources of today available to you.

At the end, perhaps you will be less prone to complacency about the looming threat, and you will be that much more informed about how to prepare...

Friday, September 30, 2011

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